If you’re asking yourself if the moment has come, it means your mind is made up and the time has come for you to plan your trip. This could happen at any time of your life.

What’s the perfect age to travel alone? Every age has got its pros and cons, but talking about the reasons why to go is maybe more appropriate than talking about the age to go.

Why should a woman like myself want to travel alone?

It’s a difficult question to answer, there are many reasons, but sometimes it just comes down to the fact of thinking it and then doing it – achieving your goal!

If you’ve already tried to go but something has stopped you, try again. Trying again is a sign of courage.

Time is our most precious non-renewable resource and the only person responsible for how it’s invested is you.

Albert-László Barabási

Why travel alone? Let’s think the opposite. What are the reasons why you can’t go? Are there any physical impediments to stop you traveling?

If yes, start planning your trip: so it’ll be ready for the moment when those impediments are over.

If no, if they’re mainly uncertainties or fears, I think you should know that you will have so many things to do, experiences to try, people to smile at and who will smile back, so much freedom to enjoy that you’ll hardly ever have a moment to feel afraid or lonely.

And, after all… fear of what? Of having lunch alone, asking for information alone, going to the toilet alone? Don’t panic, when you have done it once, you strongly appreciate the possibility of doing so many things your way, at your own pace.


How can you face the fear of traveling alone?

It’s a battle you have to fight inside your mind, and not without good reason. Uncertainty is the direct consequence of caution and caution is a fundamental skill when you’re wandering around the world on your own. Anywhere in the world, you might have to deal with a dangerous situation, dangerous people. However you’ll also meet nice people, ready to help you and to fill your day with positivity.

What to do in a not-very-nice situation? Keep your eyes and ears open, just listen to your instinct, and trust yourself: you’re able to sniff out danger and to take a step back. After all, danger is everywhere, also in your own town, and you shouldn’t have to do anything different from what you usually do.

What is still keeping you from going on a solo holiday? Travel dreams at your hand: this is the moment to treat yourself, grant one of your wishes, you deserve it. Get in the control seat of your life, set a target and go. After the first few hours, you’ll feel at ease.

You’ll get into a new mindset, and thoughts will start to flow. You’ll realize that, in many other past occasions, it was actually you that solved your big and small problems, and you found your own way to overcome them. You can do it!


What are the best destinations to go to by yourself?

There’re so many tips on the net, North of Europe, South West Asia, and many others, but one thing is certain. If you go on a solo trip anywhere in the world, you surely go to these 2 places:

  • out of your comfort zone, of what you’re used to, away from your daily routine and the characters living by your side.
  • into your inner self, a place that’s often uncrowded and sparely travelled. You could say it’s a kind of meditation. You’ll start to use all your 5 senses easily and probably be more creative: jot down a diary of your days and thoughts, draw if you feel like it, take photos, …

What are the dangers you can find in these 2 places? I don’t think there is any danger at all, I’m sure that they’re the most incredible chances you’ve ever taken.

You’ll feel the most amplified sensations ever, you’ll put yourself to the test and you’ll ask yourself what you really want. You’ll see that you can overcome difficulties with your own strengths, forgive yourself for your own mistakes, go to the edge of the world, where you have wanted to go for so long, but waited for someone to come with you.

And are you sure you’ll be always on your own? Meeting people while traveling alone is easier than you think. Traveling on your own keeps your mind open and people will surprise you time and time again. And guess: you’re surprising too! Differences will be just a way to meet people who love what you love.


If you travel alone, are you selfish?

No, you aren’t. After you’ve travelled on your own, you’ re getting a deeper self-knowledge and you’ll be able to make better choices. So, of course you still love other people, but hopefully only the ones that are worth it, because now you understand the time is precious and it should be spent with people who are important in your life. Not because they always influence your life and choices, but because you choose to be influenced by them. Not because you need them to go on holiday with you, but because their influence on your life is, all in all, positive.

Traveling by yourself takes you back to the roots of what really matters, changes your way of seeing things and leaves a print not only on your passport but on your inner self.

Are you a solo traveler? Are you a wannabe? Where was your first solo trip or where you’d like to go? We can chat about it in the Comments, if you feel like it.

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