Going out of the airport and trying to figure out where to go.
Having a nap laying your head on your backpack.
A sea of clouds behind you after you have reached the top of the mountain.
Hugging one you love.

Listening to the autumn leaves crunching under the soles of your trekking boots.
Tears of joy when you meet your loved ones in the airport.
Finding out a connection between a poem you’ve read and a song you’ve heard.
Weekend breaks.


The light-bulb moment when you suddenly understand what something means.
Eating as soon as you’re out of the supermarket because you’re starving to death, without even putting the backpack on the ground.
Setting a new personal record at the gym.
Waking up an instant before the alarm rings.

A strong coffee when you eyelids are getting too heavy.
A laugh that you cannot hold.
The cleats that click when your cycling shoes get stuck in the pedal.
The ticket for the concert you were hoping for.


Hearing a radio somewhere in the world playing the song you were singing in your mind and starting to sing in the middle of a crowded place.
Managing to express a compliment you have been thinking about for long time.
A 50-degree shower after an outside winter training.
Being treated with kindness.

Capturing the moment when a passer-by trips, miraculously finds a way not to fall down and keeps on going, convincing himself that nobody saw.
Reading a book that’s difficult to tear yourself away.
A succulent fruit at the market.
Running a yellow light.


Watching a landscape feeling the air entering your lungs, raising your diaphragm, spreading throughout your body and then coming up again and going out.
Making eye contact with an unknown person and understanding that you were thinking of the same thing that very moment.
Falling asleep on a tatami you’ve just unrolled.
The Northern sky lined with the arctic terns.

The predictions of a fortune-teller that comes true.
The first sip of water when you’re dying of thirst.
Soaking your feet in the ocean after a long day trekking.
Having a walk after a rainstorm.


Seeing a lighthouse throwing its beam over the freezing waters.
Getting dirty with the powdered sugar of your croissant.
Receiving a message you didn’t expect.
Great news and thunderbolts.

The sensation of having reached the edge of the world.
Realizing you have more time than you thought.
Having the guts to set your goals, fight every day to achieve them, exulting in seeing the majority of them reached.
Forgiving yourself for the ones you missed.

These are the wishes I made to myself and to all those travellers out there for 2019. The little things that make you smile in life, even just for one moment. They’re like doors that open and let a sunbeam come in, windows where a breath of fresh air passes and makes you feel better.
For those of you who had already had those sensations, I wish you to experience them once more but in a new light.
Let’s start a new year! Happy 2019!

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It's a new year! Sharing my thoughts.
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It's a new year! Sharing my thoughts.
The wishes I made to myself and to all those travellers out there for 2019. The little things that make you smile in life, even just for one moment.
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