Once upon a time

There was once a baby girl called Claudia, who was born in a small town in the North of Italy. Since she was little, she has been fond of anything narrative: books, tales, travel diaries, maps and atlas. I’m talking about myself! I was born 27 years ago in Castel San Giovanni, a place between the hills of Emilia Romagna and the majestic River Po, at the beginning of Tidone valley.

I’m crazy about owls, muffins with a crunchy crust but fluffy inside and lighthouses which throw their beams over the freezing oceans.

I’ve opened this travel blog for many reasons: to note down my itineraries and not to forget the weirdest things that happened while wandering around, to give detailed information to the ones who are interested in my journeys, to share some of the most important moments of my life with anyone who experiences the same crazy love for travelling. And above all to give advice I’ve learnt along the way, which would have been useful to me before my first trip, to contribute to giving you the courage to write down your own itinerary, your own personal story.

On this blog, I chat about backpacking trips, trekking routes, unusual things to see and alternative places to go and visit.

Curriculum vitae

4 years-old – My parents gave me my first illustrated atlas, and it was so big that I used it as a base to play on and as a background for my stories: a somersault in Africa, a jump in the freezing Siberia, a walk along the Great Chinese Wall, a trip to the US and back to Italy.
Thanks to the atlas, I imagined koalas playing hide-and-seek inside kangaroo pouches in Australia, while llamas were spitting and skipping on the snow-capped Andes, wearing colourful wool cloaks. Rolling upon the atlas, I memorized capital cities and flags from all over the world and I dreamt about taking a plane.

6 years-old – My first trip to Selva di Val Gardena, an incredibly charming Italian mountain village in South Tyrol, surrounded by the spectacular Dolomites. I fell madly in love with this place, where I learnt how to go trekking and how to orientate myself. Since then, I’ve never missed a summer, nor a winter.

Selva is an authentic passion of mine and, like every true deep passion, it opened my mind and made me want to keep on travelling to other places and at the same time experience similar amazing surprises, having the same feeling of lightheartedness, the same will to understand the local culture and lifestyle. Every time I visit Val Gardena I discover something new thus experience the latter.
Ok, I wasn’t so aware when I was 6, but I’ve learnt it along the way, step by step, path by path, mountain top by mountain top.

10 years-old – The very first time I took a plane was when I went to Disneyland Paris, and I realized that travelling means writing a new tale a day. I also understood it’s better to keep on swallowing during the landing not to feel earache: after I learnt this trick, I felt like nothing could stop me anymore!
I don’t remember lots of details about my first travels, but no doubt the sparkling enthusiasm and the curiosity of discovering new places are stuck in my mind.

12 years-old – I started playing the piano, moving from the first off-key chords to an unconditional love for The Tempest by Beethoven, the most complicated and touching thing I’ve ever heard.

19 years-old – I graduated at Liceo Classico, the Italian high school that is dedicated to humanistic studies. The final exam features an essay, called tesìna, on a free topic, and I chose to study the Ladin culture of the Dolomites. Ladins are an ethnic group living in Val Gardena and in few other valleys of the Alps, with its own language, still spoken by about 30,000 native speakers.
I spent the free summer after graduation developing my great love for writing, and I was given some prizes for some stories and for a short novel, that is set on the Seiser Alm, Europe’s largest mountain plateau!

20 years-old – I started to study pharmacy at Pavia University and graduated at 23. And up until this age, swimming was my main sport, then I started to try different activities. I’ve run two half-marathons and finally I got into crossfit. I’ve also raced in a few competitions, without any exceptional results but just for the fun of challenging myself.

22 years-old – I went on my first backpacking trip. Backpacking to Iceland, on foot and with public transport, was one of my biggest dreams and I decided to fulfil it. I only had one week, that’s not a lot.

But in that week I walked through desert lands, boundless spaces, slept in wooden cottages in the middle of nowhere, saw thunderous waterfalls, soundless lava fields, geysers, peaceful shores, naturally-carved rocks, winds, tides, sheep and fantasy landscapes and, in doing so, I hit a point of no return.

From then on, I couldn’t stop myself planning new on the road backpacking trips. Preparing my journeys in details, just as I want them to be, changing my original plan and setting my own daily goals, living and remembering amazingly intense experiences, every one of these unique moments is priceless!

Like most people, I often make mistakes, sometimes I cry, but then try to understand how I can turn these negative situations into positive ones for the future.

I’m firmly convinced that:
• if you have the possibility to do something, you have to jump right in, wearing your best smile ever
self-irony is the best weapon you can ever have
• if you have a goal that makes you wake up feeling happy in the morning, you should make every possible effort to achieve it.

This is my own little philosophical wisdom – I won’t bother you with it anymore, I promise!

About Getgoingirl

Getgoingirl means many things.

Get going such as departing, starting moving, going away.

Get going such as begining, embarking on a new action, setting things moving.

Getgoing such as rushing into new things, facing uncertainties and difficulties with a strong-minded position, having the guts to dare.

This is Getgoingirl. And then?

Getgoingirl is something else, too.

For me, it is a combination of those 3 things, and something more. It’s staring at breathtaking sunsets from the window of a night train, wearing the most weird clothing because “no one knows me here”, getting off at the wrong stop and finding the ponds of Rosporden, the poncho that rips under the storm, the singing of the Icelandic terns flying over the black sand beach of Reynisfjara, a canyon, a river, the sunset behind Fort Bard, summer snow and autumn red leaves.

What about getting going now?

The sections you can navigate through in my blog are:

  • Backpacking, about my on-the-road adventures around the world.
  • Trekking, about my hiking days in Val Gardena but not only there.
  • City Life, about the towns and cities I visit.
  • Destinations, kind of a big atlas you (and I) can orientate on.
  • Topics, where I speak about must do’s, art, food, villages, shopping, books and everything that pops into my head.
  • Travel Resources, where I’ve collected all my tips about how to plan a DIY trip, organise everything you need before going and come back safe and sound.
  • New Ground, a sort of long and always changing bucket list.
  • About and Contacts.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think in Comments below and to follow my new social pages!

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