Have you already visited London a couple of times and you would like to see another city but don’t know where to go? Spend an alternative weekend in England and visit Brighton! 

Maybe someone has already mentioned Brighton to you, some say it’s amazing, others think it’s a bit weird.

I decided I had to go and see for myself. So, instead of going to London, I took advantage of an exceptional local guide to discover Brighton’s hidden corners during a full packed weekend.

The sea

Just mention the word “sea” and you instantly feel more relaxed, just kicking off your shoes and walking barefoot along the shore.

Brighton is one of the few European cities where you can smell the salted air mixed with the buzz of a global city with a lively cultural scene.

The locals

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, where people from every corner of the planet go and look for study and job opportunities. It’s a huge global village, a huge amazing global village.

Brighton is an English town, where many locals live or come from the countryside to go shopping, to a restaurant or to a pub where they can listen to live music.

In the streets you see the locals and in the pubs you hear to the authentic English language.

Easy (and cheap) to get from Gatwick airport

Gatwick airport is halfway between London and Brighton. This route can boast a great number of public transport services, and the quickest are the trains of Gatwick Express, Southern line or Thameslink. They take about 30 minutes to 1 hour to go from the airport to Brighton.

You can buy the tickets directly on the plane before the landing, the cost is approximately £8.50 one way, £17 return.

From Brighton railway station, you’re near to the most alternative part of the city, the North Laines, and less than 10 minutes later you can paddle in the sea.

It’s a big Camden Town

If you think you’ll miss the quirky Camden Town of London, don’t worry! The whole of Brighton is a big Camden Town. 

Wherever you go, you cannot but bump into creative, fancy dressed, musicians, artists, rainbow-haired and others bizarre and open-minded people. They like to do things a bit differently, from shops to food.

In Brighton, the more extravagant you are, the better it is.

The Londoners come here to party

People from London and from the surrounding areas pour on to Brighton’s streets to fill them with noise, screams and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights. 

They choose Brighton as the capital of pure fun weekends, excellent for Hen and Stag nights!

Wild nature within walking distance

For nature lovers, Brighton is a perfect base to explore the Sussex area. Going on foot or hopping on a bus, you have spectacular walks, beautiful gardens and stunning views less than an hour away.

If you are looking forward to planning your backpacking trip in the South of England, I’ll write some tips soon.

The shopaholics’ paradise

In most big cities the shops are very similar, but not in Brighton. It does have the major chains of shops like everywhere else, but also something unique and, to my mind, unusually original.

From the bohémien boutiques of the Lanes to the independent retailers of the North Laines, from fancy dress shops to the unfindable number of the comics you love, from house gadgets to vintage to the latest fashion.

And if you’re looking for a way not to feel too guilty, just go to TK Maxx in North street, where you can find big brands at super discount prices!

If you want to go shopping in Brighton, I’ll write my guide soon.

It’s the perfect spot for a weekend

If you don’t have much time but only a weekend to take a bite of England, Brighton is the perfect solution for you!

In London, you’d run the risk of seeing very few things and of spending a lot of time on buses, trams and underground. The list of things to do would be so long at the end of two days that it could become stressful or even disappointing because you didn’t manage to see everything you had hoped to.

Brighton, on the other hand, can easily be explored on foot in a weekend and it won’t leave you disappointed!

Ivor himself chose Brighton!

After some years at Covent Garden, Ivor himself chose to move to Brighton Pier. So, why not to listen to him? He has a good reputation!

If you don’t know who Ivors is, click here to know more about him and about what he told me about my future.

If you miss big squares and art museums, you’re only one hour from London

If you’re spending more than a weekend in England and you want to have a daily trip to London, there are approximately 144 trains per day travelling from Brighton. The average journey time is 1 hour.

Take one day to go to London and then come back to Brighton to clear your head and stay away from the crowd. Whatever the weather, a stroll beside the sea is good for the soul.

Everything’s possible in Brighton!

And now, I’m planning my backpacking trip in Sussex, and I think I’ll have a stop in Brighton again, to store up as much of its good vibes as possible. And what about you?

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